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Perpetuum Games is a young game studio based in Podgorica, Montenegro.

We are currently working hard on the Clockwork Briefcase - bomb defusal game with “real” electronic bomb in the suitcase. Follow our progress on Facebook!

Also, we are working on several video game prototypes, but we are always open for new ideas. If you have a good game idea, or would like to join the team, please feel free to Contact us.

Clockwork Briefcase is the project we are currently working on. It's the bomb defusing simulation, but realistic hardware version! Defuse a “real” electronic bomb and compete with friends in pairs or solo.

You can see the clockwork Briefcase in action in this video (English subtitles):

The prototype premiere was at the Reboot Develop 2016 conference in Split at the end of April.

You can follow out progress on


Since the day one the Clockwork Briefcase drew a lot of attention. Whereever displayed, people were queueing to play.

We are so proud that some of the key people in the gaming industry, both indie and AAA, gave us some fanstastic feedbacks. Here are just some of them:

“I just played one of the coolest games ever... Clockwork Briefcase from Perpetuum Games Studio”

– Phil Elliott, Square Enix
on Twitter

“Clockwork Briefcase wins my coolest puzzle game and the ‘sure to get @tha_rami arrested if he owned it’ awards.”

– Rami Ismail, Vlambeer
on Twitter

“Who needs VR when you have Clockwork Briefcase!”

– Pavel Dobrovsky, LEVEL Magazine
on Twitter

Next steps

Currently we are finding a way to make Clockwork Briefcase reach wide audience. This is our first hardware project targeted for mass production, so we're trying to find partners which can help us make this happen.

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